Thursday, May 28, 2009

On Broken Bones and Broken Spirits

Evan broke his arm last week. For those of you who don't know, Evan plays baseball. Or rather, he was about to play baseball. His arm broke exactly three days prior to the start of little league season. In an effort to cheer him up I assured him he would still be a part of his team and we would still go to his games. His attitude, however, is "why bother?" Evan is a doer, not a spectator. He also is the kind of kid that doesn't particularly enjoy practicing something, he just wants to go right out and do it and be good at it, mind you. To have his confidence. Then I give him the big speech about how, even LeBron James practices basketball...everyday. He has taken to rolling his eyes at me lately. Ah, the tender age of almost 9. Can't wait until he's 13! In regards to basketball, however, he's been playing a little "one-armed basketball" in the driveway lately and I think his shot is actually improving. The cast might not do much for his baseball playing, but perhaps he'll become a better hoopster from all this?!

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