Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cultured Kids

Yesterday I took my 3 kids to the Columbus Museum of Art ( I had 3 free children's admission passes that were about to expire on 12/31 so I wanted to get them used. I also, very much, wanted to go see the current Dale Chihuly exhibit that is there right now. I first saw his work at the Franklin Park Conservatory probably five years ago. His work returned to the Conservatory a couple of years after that and now this latest exhibit. I am simply amazed at the beauty, the straight and the curved lines, the way light reflects on the pieces and the color. The color. The Columbus Museum of Art is currently undergoing a major renovation, so there is little more to see beyond the Dale Chihuly exhibit, but it was every bit worth the trip. I would go back again, if a could, alone, to just sit and stare. I am that mezmerized. The kids and I watched a brief video that showed how he comes up with his designs and color ideas and then the physical labor that goes into blowing these huge pieces of glass. He talked about how beautifully the glass art blends with live growing plants in a greenhouse. Then he said how everytime he visits a greenhouse, he wonders to himself why he doesn't visit one more often. I chuckled, remembering how I often have that same thought whenever I visit one. Take a look at these few photos. If you ever have the opportunity to visit a Dale Chihuly exhibit, I guarantee, you will not regret it!

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