Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Delivery Room

Lily, the black bear, had her cub yesterday! Sadly, she only had one, but she did a great job considering she had no nurses or an epidural to help her along. Not to mention the dark, cramped conditions. I just happened to log on to check on her yesterday afternoon and that was when her labor was rapidly increasing. I actually got to witness the birth, along with several thousand other people. She discreetly had her back towards the camera that is set up in her den. But there was no doubting the noises we could all hear and then the sudden cry of a tiny little cub, which we have yet to see. The server crashed at one point yesterday because so very many people were trying to get a glimpse of mother Lily with her new little one. I was finally able to get back on last night and it was quiet and all were sleeping; same goes for this morning. I am thinking Lily is getting a lot more sleep than I ever did after giving birth! Of course, she doesn't have nurses coming into her room poking and prodding her every 30 minutes to take her vitals. It will be so much fun to watch the mother and cub interacting with one another inside the den during the coming weeks. They will likely leave the den sometime in April and I will be sad to see them go. Here again, is the link to check in on Lily anytime you like. If you want to view other live web cams, there are several to choose from, but for Lily, just click on the 'Bear Den Cam' at

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