Friday, January 29, 2010

Hidden Claims to Fame

Last night, I had a meeting at church for the Education Committee on which I serve. The committee has a few new members and so our Committee Leader decided to open with a fun little ice-breaker, get-to-know-you, sort of thing. Each person was asked to write on an index card something about themselves that no one else in the room would know about them. Then the leader read each one aloud and we had to guess who belonged to which little tidbit of information. I could think of several things to write down but finally decided on something that remains a very fond memory for me. I wrote down that "I had the grand champion market pig at the fair when I was a teenager." A couple of people guessed me right off the bat and then others were completely surprised to know that I "had a past" that involved pigs and fairs. I found the exercise really interesting. In our small group, I sat among people who had been on an Olympic swim team, been invited to the White House, tried out for a guest host spot on "Regis and Kelly", spent 6 weeks in France as a teenager, and worked in a candy shop! There were other answers too, but, what I am getting at, is that here are all of these people who share a same, common desire to make a difference at our church and yet the paths we have all taken to get here are so varied and different. Different people, different backgrounds, different common goal.

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