Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lily The Bear

My kids and I have been following the hibernation of Lily the bear. Lily lives in northern Minnesota near the Canadian border. She is believed to be pregnant and due to deliver one or more cubs any day now. This live web cam in a bear's den is the first ever in the world! It has been very interesting to watch Lily and her daily rituals. I always assumed that when a bear went into hibernation they just took a really long nap. Not so much, afterall. Our most entertaining moments has been when Lily has gotten her face up very close to the camera and yawned, making us very glad there is no such thing as "smell-o-vision!" Lily has done her fair share of moving around, scratching, licking and has even left her den. Upon her most recent exit from the den, researchers moved the camera to get a better view inside her den. Lily, being smarter than us humans, then proceded to scratch a bunch of grass and debris up close to the camera, blocking part of its view! I, for one, cannot wait until her cubs are born. There is sound too, so the researchers have promised we will be able to hear their noises. Take a look for yourself by visiting WildEarth .

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