Thursday, January 28, 2010

Which Food Network Star Are You?

Jenna has told me that I should have a show on the Food Network. She is my biggest fan, no doubt. Actually, I think we should pitch them the idea of a mother-daughter program. Now there’s something that hasn’t been tried yet. There are many personalities on the Food Network. You have the prim and proper Martha Stewart, the svelte and sexy Giada De Laurentis, down-home and with lots of butter Paula Dean, and quick and messy Rachel Ray. There are many, many others. Let’s not forget the men…Emeril Lagasse and his “bam!” and Tyler Florence with his meticulous tutorials, Guy Fieri and his diner food or Bobby Flay at the grill. When Evan was a toddler, he would watch Emeril with me and he would say “bam!” right along with the studio audience! Some of the stars are so much more popular than others. Why is that? So I get to thinking about that and then wonder, if I had a show how successful would it be; how popular would I be, celebrity-wise? What Food Network star do you most closely emulate? Or maybe you are a potential cast member for the “Worst Cooks in America” show that started this year?! I think of myself as a cross between Paula Dean and Martha Stewart. I like things neat and orderly, cookies equally shaped and sized, cleaning as I go along. But, then there’s the side of me that just likes basic, no-fuss, down-home cooking; and yes, butter!

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