Thursday, February 25, 2010

And Now Showing

My son, Evan, was invited to participate in the 4th Grade Art Enrichment group that meets once a week after school. They started meeting about mid-November and began with simple still life sketches, learning shading techniques and other beginner type stuff. Some kids thought it a bit boring, but it's the basics such as these that are necessary in building the foundation to becoming an artist.

The kids moved onto watercolors next and what a delight the end result has turned out to be! They had 4 different landscape photos to choose from and then were allowed to create their personal interpretation. A local coffee shop in town graciously agreed to allow the group to use their business as a virtual art gallery showcasing their talent. It's simply beautiful!

They have since tackled a much more "hands on" medium using paper mache. I have had the privilege of helping the kids for their last two sessions and it's been a great deal of fun listening to and watching them work. I know I wish I had had this kind of opportunity when I was their age.

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