Saturday, April 3, 2010


The kids colored Easter eggs yesterday.  It's always interesting to see what different color combinations they will come up with each year.  Owen is still learning the ropes and I think the fact that he saw me get everything ready and the boiling kind of scared him a bit.  He was afraid to get burned.  We got fancy with a few eggs doing the tone-on-tone effect coloring an egg one color, then using a birthday candle to make wax designs and then dipping it again in another color.

In an effort to spare his Phineas and Ferb tshirt from the possibilites of egg dye stains, Evan decided it was just as easy to color eggs topless this Easter.  I am hoping Owen won't hold it against me that I gave him Jenna's pink apron to protect his shirt!

Jenna sprouted bunny ears this Easter!

Busy hands at work.

The finished product.  Our little nest of colorful eggs. 

Egg salad anyone?!

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