Friday, May 28, 2010

The Fugitive

Yesterday was one of those days that explains why I have quotes around the Stay-At-Home in the sub-title of my blog.  No, I don't leave the house every morning and go to an office or factory, punch a time clock, or wear a business suit.  But there is nothing Stay-At-Home about this Mom.  At least not these days.

When I had babies here at home, I stayed home plenty.  I was a slave to the nap schedule or someone was being potty-trained and I didn't dare leave the house for long stretches of time.  With my kids being 9, 7, and 4...those days are long gone.  It's nice to have the freedom to be spontaneous or to run out and do more than just one errand at a time.  At the end of a long day of running around though, there is no place I would rather be than home.

My long day yesterday actually started the night before.  I'd had an over abundance of McDonald's iced tea too late in the day and that highly caffeinated stuff was still coursing through my veins when I went to bed.  Having trouble falling asleep, I could easily hear that Owen, whose bedroom is next to mine, was engaged in a coughing fit.  After it became evident that he needed some help, and I wasn't sleeping anyway, I got up and gave him a drink. 

Back to bed. 

More coughing.  I got up and gave him a dose of cough medicine. 

Back to bed. 

Crying and "Mommy!  It hurts."  I check on the little guy and he tells me his left ear hurts.  Back down to the kitchen for the pain reliever. 

Back to bed. 

More crying.  More checking on him.  More crying.  Helping him to the bathroom. 

Back to bed.  Backto bed.  Back to bed.

Somewhere in between all of this, I help myself to a Benedryl to help me eventually, hopefully, fall asleep.  I am guessing Owen and I finally fell asleep around 2am and then I grudgingly got out of bed with the alarm at 6:30 to get my two older kids ready for school and on the bus.  All the while fixing 4 breakfasts, packing two school lunches and making sure everyone had everything, I am hitting redial on the phone trying to secure a morning appointment at the pediatrician's for Owen.

By 9 am, Owen and I were out the door to pick up Jenna's prescription at Walgreen's from the day before.  Long story, and you don't need to be bored any more than you already are at this point.  Then to Owen's haircut, then to Owen's doctor's appointment where we confirm he has an ear infection.  The doc emails the prescription to the drug store for us (I love that little bit of technology!).  We grab lunch waiting for the antibiotic to be ready.  Back to the pharmacy and then home to pick up the cooler and ice packs.  Off to McDonald's for 25 hot fudge sundaes.  Then to school where we surprise Evan and his class at lunch time as an early birthday treat since Evan's birthday is during summer vacation.  After those festivities,we have enough time to run home for about 45 minutes before my appointment to get the van's oil changed and investigate a mysterious noise the van has been making for a couple of weeks.  Three hours later I am finally leaving the Honda dealership.  Just in time to kiss my husband and Evan goodbye as they leave for Evan's baseball game.  I fix myself and my other two a quick dinner and then we join the others at the ballpark.  I'm reminded as I put my kids to bed that tomorrow (today) is "Jersey Day" at school and of course, both of their baseball/softball jerseys are in the dirty laundry because they just wore them on the last two nights and I haven't been home to wash them!  

And that is why, after being on the run so much, that I feel like The Fugitive.

p.s.  I have a grocery list and coupons sorted.  I am not going anywhere for the next 24 hours.  So, if someone would like to run to Kroger's for me today, I would be eternally grateful!

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