Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How To Say I'm Sorry

Yesterday, Owen made me very, very mad.  I sent him to his room, partly for punishment and partly because I just needed to not be around him for awhile. 

Really.  When you think about it, when you send a child to their room, you are sending them to go play.  There really is no punishment involved.  At least I got the space from him that I so desperately needed.

While he was in there, behind his closed door, his remorseful little soul set to work on  his version of an apology.  With multi-colored Lego's at hand, he proceeded to construct this for me.

"Mommy's Beach"

When I had cooled down and was ready to release him from his "jail cell" Owen presented me with the olive branch showcased in the above photo.  My children know me well and when they want to put a smile on my face, they show or draw me a picture of the ocean, a beach and post-particularly, a palm tree.  Owen built all three for me out of his Lego's.  In his most authoritative voice, Owen explained to me that the blue Lego's are for the ocean, the yellow Lego's are for the sandy beach, that little red creature is a crab, and of course, the tall, sturdy palm tree that rises above it all.  I'm not sure if that little Lego guy is supposed to be me, but what I really want to know is why The Joker is creeping up behind me with that mallet in his hand!

Apology accepted, Owen.

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