Friday, May 21, 2010

Peep Show

Owen and I were at the library the other day.  He had asked if he could pick out a show.  I dangle that carrot over his head frequently when we go to the library.  It plays out something like this...

Owen:   Mommy, can I pick out a show at the library?

Me:   If you are good while Mommy gets her things, then you can pick out a show.

In my early years of Mommy-ing, I used to have very high faluting beliefs which concluded that children should act a certain way because it is the way in which you have shown them to behave.  As the years have worn on and I have become severely out-numbered, I have turned to the bribery that many parents swear they will never submit to.

Owen and I had a discussion over what he could pick out for his show.  There were a few unsavory selections he contemplated and I put the ix-nay on those right from the start (example:   Pokemon).  I did my best sales job and put a spin on it to make sure it was his choice, not my cajoling.  So, we brought home a DVD that included episodes from a show my two older children used to watch years ago that appeared on The Learning Channel.  The show was about a little chick and his escapades from day-to-day with his other barnyard pals.  The little chick's name was Peep.

This morning, Owen came to me and with the voice of innocence asked,

"Mommy, can I watch that Peep Show again?" 
I am only grateful we were not out in public, or at church, when those words came out of his mouth!

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