Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Play Ball!

It's that time of the year.  In small towns across this great country of ours, children are playing baseball and softball.  Parents are juggling the schedules of multiple athletes in their families.  Little brothers or sisters are being weaned on the dust of the ballpark.  Coolers are being filled with sandwiches for meals on the run.  Sunblock is being applied by the gallons.  Some kids are experiencing butterflies in their stomach as they take the pitcher's mound for the first time - while others are wondering if the game will ever end!  Parents and Grandparents, neighbors and friends are cheering on the players all while squeezing in some conversation (gossip!) between batters.

Jenna sports the smile of a winner!

Our community officially kicked off the ball season on Memorial Day with a parade.  The rain had poured all morning long and then, as if on cue, the rain stopped when it was time for the teams to assemble their floats and begin the parade.  And the rain held off, although the skies were threatening at times, in order for all of the scheduled games for the day to be played.

Evan, are you eating the candy or
throwing it to the parade-goers?!

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