Monday, July 19, 2010

The Artist Within

My children have always enjoyed crafts and art projects and creating things, whether it be a kit or instructions from a book or just using found items around the house or in our craft supply boxes, they love to make things.  I like to make things too and so it seems logical that my children would have the bug for creativity as well.  Just so you know, though, I also like to buy things already made too.  I'm not a total Martha Stewart.

I received an email from a local Panera Bread restaurant about a month ago telling me they were going to partner with Color Me Mine paint-your-own pottery studio to host 3 afternoons of free pottery painting for children.  You can imagine how fast I clicked 'respond' to RSVP and save 3 spots for my kids!  The first session offered the kids a chance to paint a small plate.  The second session, the children painted mugs.  That's what my kids are painting below.  The third will be a bowl.

I love paint-your-own pottery studios.  The first time I ever went to one was back during my single days.  Some other single gals I worked with would occasionally make plans for a Girl's Night Out and do something after work together.  Usually it was just dinner, but sometimes we would try to broaden our horizons and attend a wine tasting or paint some pottery!  I was hooked.  The first pottery I ever painted was a light switch plate.  I still have it.  It's in my kids' bathroom, even though it doesn't match the decor.  The next piece I did was on vacation one year in Hilton Head Island, SC.  I did a picture frame to serve as my souvenir with a palm tree and ocean waves.  I took a big break from painting pottery...having babies will do that to your personal life...and then the next piece I did was a big colorful dinner plate.  It has the birth dates of the members of my family.  And on each of our birthdays, that is our special plate to eat off of.  I had the idea to make that plate when Jenna was a baby and knew I couldn't make it until I was sure our family was complete.

Last summer, Jenna and I hosted a paint-your-own pottery birthday party for her here at home.  We got everything we needed from Color Me Mine and turned our kitchen into an art studio.  She maintains to this day that it was the best party ever. 

I just wish they'd let me paint something at one these little painting sessions.  I have some really great ideas!

Concentration is key.

Owen is careful with the brush.

Jenna had her design planned before she showed up.

So proud of his work!

She'd do this everyday if she could.

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