Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back To Reality

I'm back.

It's good to be back.

Sort of.

Kind of.

No.  Not really.

I'd much rather still be at the beach, living in my swimsuit, not doing my hair and wearing no makeup.  Never worrying about what time it is.  Not checking email.  Not scrubbing toilets, or making grocery lists, or planning meals, or running errands.

I will admit that our condo was making me a bit claustrophobic and I missed my kitchen and our yard.  But I really enjoyed going out to dinner every night and soaking up the sun and floating in the water and boogie boarding with my kids. 

Pure and absolute relaxation. 

Now THAT'S what I call a vacation!

I promise to post some photos of our week in palm tree heaven later this week.  Now, I have to get busy baking some cookies!

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