Monday, July 5, 2010

My Baby

My baby turned 5 years old today.  This is the child that can take me to my highest highs and my lowest lows all within 10 minutes' time.  He is wild and charming and thoughtful and funny and adventurous and timid all at once or once in awhile.  He is not a baby.  But.  He is my baby. 

Owen celebrated his birthday in grand style today.  He started with opening presents, a very noisy Buzz Lightyear being the highlight, and cinnamon rolls and fruit for breakfast.  Exciting playtime with Evan ensued as they acted out all sorts of Toy Story adventures.  Jenna came home from her sleepover at Grandma's and we headed to the pool.  Owen chose Bob Evan's for his birthday dinner tonight, ordering, what else...blueberry pancakes!  This kid really knows how to have a birthday! 

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