Monday, September 27, 2010

Operation "Lost"

Why is it that a child can have a closet full of clothes and yet, they choose to wear the same shirt over and over again?  This is not a four year old I am talking about either.  It's my ten year old!  He has a Phineas and Ferb tshirt that he would wear every single day of the week if the laundry schedule allowed it.  Add to that his Diary of a Wimpy Kid tshirt and we've got a solid every-other-day rotation going on.

This is the same kid, mind you, that used to want to make sure he had a red shirt to wear to school on the day of the Valentine's Party.  He also asked me one time, on the first day of school, "Do you think my teacher will like this shirt?"  Of course, he was five or six back when those events took place.  As Evan has grown older, he has developed a strong disdain for all shirts with collars.  I insist on a collared shirt for church and for picture day at school.  I held up two collared shirts the other day and asked him to pick one.  He studied them for a minute and then asked which one I preferred.  Honestly, I could have cared less.  They were equally nice shirts, but I chose one.  And guess what!  He picked the opposite shirt to wear!  I asked him why he wanted to know which one I liked better if he was only going to pick the other one.  He brazenly admitted that he just wanted to pick the shirt I liked least. 

Last night as my kids were getting ready for bed, I was laying their clothes out for the next day.  We have found that it saves a lot of time in the morning to pick their clothes out the night before.  We were running a bit late last night, so I decided to do it for them while they bathed/showered.  Remembering the weather forecast, I was sure to put out jeans instead of shorts for Evan.  Then I picked a very nice, brand new, hardly been worn, Old Navy tshirt.  A tshirt, mind you, that he picked out himself when we were back-to-school shopping last month. 

Guess what.  He came downstairs for breakfast this morning in that Phineas and Ferb tshirt.  Again.  I have decided, it's time for an intervention of sorts.  It's time for me to take matters into my own hands.  It's time for the Phineas and Ferb shirt to join the legions of lost socks.  It's time for the shirt to become "lost."  I know it's devious, deceitful, and just plain horrible of me to deliberately "lose" a favorite shirt of one of my children.  I feel I have been left with no other choice.  I need for the rest of the world to know that my son really does own more than one or two shirts.

Stay tuned for updates on how these events unfold...

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