Monday, October 11, 2010


Kevin built us a new fire pit last week and we took it for an inaugural test run the other night.  It was the perfect night for a fire and toasting marshmallows.  I especially like it this time of year when it begins to get dark a little earlier so the kids can enjoy the fire in the dark before it's time to head inside and go to bed.  We bring a few flashlights outside and play flashlight tag and then, being October and time for Halloween, we oftentimes try our hand at a little ghost story telling.  All three kids like to have their chance at the mic.  And we get three very different types of scary stories. 

As you may imagine, Owen, the 5 year old tells a story that is usually more silly than scary and ends up making absolutely no sense at all.  But, his stories are short and sweet and we appreciate that.  Jenna's stories are long and detailed and seem to go in circles.  Much like a typical conversation with her...bless her heart.  (Kevin says it's a lot like talking to me too.  Go figure!)  Then there is Evan.  He is a pretty good story-teller.  Plots and varied characters.  Descriptive dialogue and suspense.  On this particular night, however, I picked up on a constant repetition that was driving me insane.  Maybe it's the should-have-become-an-English-teacher in me, but I called him out on it.  Have you ever heard one of your kids utter "andthenum?"  Allow me to draw it out for you...

And then, um...

No kidding.  This kid was throwing an "andthenum" in-between every single sentence.  When I drew his attention to it, he tried hard not to say it, but he couldn't stop.  It's like the "yaknow" and "knowwhatImean."  Our English language has become so relaxed and down right lazy these days. 

I'm just glad I didn't have to raise a child during the Valley Girl days of the 80's.  Because that would be, like, totally grodie!  As if! 

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