Monday, November 8, 2010


Last weekend wrapped up the end of the fall soccer season in our house.  This was Owen's first try at organized sports.  There were trials and triumphs throughout the season, but he had a great time and I don't believe all was a loss by having him try it out. 

Great throw-in, Owen!

He told me the other day that we wants to sign up again in the spring.  So, I guess he enjoyed himself. 

Or maybe it was just the team snack at the end of every game that truly motivated him.  Regardless, it was fun to see him involved in something that will, hopefully, help him to mature and grow.

Soccer is Jenna's #1 favorite sport.  The reason that Evan gave up soccer a few years ago...LOTS OF RUNNING...just happens to be the reason Jenna loves the sport so much!  

Run, girl, run!

In fact.  I end up with mostly pictures like this.

And this.
Taking a knee for an injured player.

Lots of long, blonde ponytails. 
It's hard to keep up with her on the soccer field with a camera with no zoom lens to speak of.

And now, we move on to basketball!

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