Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sew Easy

I have an aversion to the sewing machine.  As a child, I have memories of sitting at my mother's foot, watching it depress the pedal to sew me many outfits.  As I grew older and joined a 4-H club, it was understood that I would take one beginner sewing project and one beginner cooking project.  I don't recall having sewn before then, but I had done more than my share of cooking and baking by the time I reached the required nine years of age to join 4-H.

The first year girls were required to sew a simple skirt and coordinating tote bag, which was more of a drawstring purse kind of thing.  I can still remember what that first, elastic waistband skirt looked like.  It was somewhat of a brick red material with tiny blue flowers on it.  I already had a light blue blouse from another outfit that would coordinate with my newly made skirt, so we were being frugal too.  (Something else I learned from my mother.)  There wasn't much to that skirt and it was a good first year project.  Simple enough that I agreed to take a sewing project again the second year.  That project was a blouse and the collar and the arm holes and the heat of the summer in an un-air conditioned home, and my complaining and Mom's lack-of-patience.  Well, let's just say, that was my final year to take a sewing project in 4-H.

My daughter, however, has decided that she would like to learn how to sew.  She has been after me for quite some time.  So (no pun intended), Jenna received a very basic sewing machine for Christmas last year.  She has made several pillows since then.  You should see her bed.  We're talking five star hotel comfort in there!

It's been nagging at me.  And I will admit, I have experienced a bit of panic.  How in the world am I ever going to be able to help her learn how to sew when the best I can do is a skirt and that was 30 plus years ago!  I decided I needed to sharpen my skills so I can be a proper mother to my daughter and help her out.  I thankfully have the support of two excellent seamstress friends that I know will bail me out in case I totally fail my daughter (Carrie and DiAnn - I'm counting on you!)

So, here's my first attempt.  And, ironically enough, it's a skirt.  I figured, "Where else to start than where it all began!" 
Lazy Days Skirt
The very simple grosgrain ribbon hem is quite forgiving.
No roll elastic is used enabling a perfect fit.
One very happy fashionista!
Follow the link to Lazy Days Skirt for instructions on how you, too, can whip up one of these cute little numbers! 

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