Monday, December 20, 2010

Deep Thinking From A Five Year Old

Owen has a way of offering me some of his deep thinking in a way that sometimes stops me in my tracks.  We'll be driving along and after a few moments of silence, he'll just drop a deeply philosophical exclamation on me.

His two latest proclamations went something like this:

Him:   Mommy.  God sure must have a big head.
Me:   Oh really?  Why?
Him:  To hold all of that information.

It's true.  God does know everything!

And the most recent one goes something like this...

He's sitting on the couch. 
No tv on. 
No nothing. 
Just sitting there. 

Keep in mind, this rarely ever happens.
I'm in the kitchen and he says,

"Mommy.  My ear is like a maze."

I think for a moment and then I realize that yes, your ear is a lot like a maze.
Thanks for bringing that to my attention, little man.

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