Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This will serve as my final post before the break for Christmas.  I'll take a few days off from the computer.  Oh, who am I kidding?  We all know I'll still be checking email.  I'm just going to give this blog a break for a few days.  The kids are all home from school, a few gifts still need to be wrapped, groceries to be bought (anyone care to volunteer that little task for me?!) and of course, all of the yummy food to prepare.

Yesterday I whipped up a batch of Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls

To. Die. For.

Try them out.  They are dummy me.  I have an aversion to baking with yeast and these are as simple as they get, short of cranking open a can of those cinnamon rolls Pillsbury sells in the refrigerated section at the grocery store.

Jenna had a girlfriend over yesterday to bake up some yummy Muddy Snowball cookies.  It's fun to listen to them talk while they make like Playdoh rolling the cookie dough into balls and placing them on the cookie sheet.  Then they had a Just Dance 2 marathon playing on the Wii.  They might be onto a new concept.  Eat cookies; dance with the Wii; calories burned!

Just one more Cookie Journey chapter to log and then I'll be closing the books.  I've selected next week's recipe and they will be worthy of any New Year's Eve gathering.  I'll be sure to post it early enough in the week so you can make them yourself, if you wish.

Also, I have a couple of new recipes I'll be preparing over the weekend to take to family Christmas gatherings.  If they are worth sharing, I'll be sure to post them to share with you, my friends, sometime after the New Year.

Have a blessed Christmas to all of you that stop by from time to time to read all of my rambling about nothing in particular.

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