Friday, January 28, 2011

Headbanz are Hilarious!

Our kids received several new games for Christmas.  What a relief...not all of them were video games!

I hear less and less people talk about playing games with their kids or their kids playing a game with their friends.  Even my own boys prefer to play the Wii with their buddies over a board game.  After all, says my 10 year old, "They aren't called "bored" games by accident." 

Hardee-Har-Har, Mr. Evan.

One of the games that my daughter, Jenna, received is called "Headbanz."  It is the simplest game on earth and a concept that we're probably all familiar with. 

"Twenty Questions" anyone?

So the basics are this:
  • Stack of cards with colorful pictures of various objects, animals, etc. printed on one side
  • Plastic, adjustable headband that you strap around your head like a hat would sit.
  • Place a card, picture side facing out, into the small slot on the plastic headband, WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT!
  • There's a small minute timer included and you have that much time to go around the circle of players to ask questions and try to guess what's printed on your card.
Kind of a "What Am I?" kind of thing

We didn't keep score when we played. 

There was no winner or loser, therefore, there were no hard feelings.

Almost too perfect. 

As you can see, Owen REALLY got into the game and we found a bit of irony in some of the cards that people drew.  It was "P" week in Owen's pre-K class and he took in his stuffed penguin that he brought home from Sea World.

And Evan, well...let's just say.  We had tacos for dinner earlier the night we played this game and when we have tacos, Evan tends to make a bit of a, well, P-I-G of himself.


Note...On Amazon, I see there is an "adult" version of the game.  While I am not able to say for sure, I don't believe the word "adult" on the box indicates that this is some sort of kinky version of a child's game.  I believe, from reading the description, that the rules might be more detailed and the pictures may be of objects that would be harder to guess.  Something tells me though that this game and few glasses of wine would equal a very fun party!

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