Monday, January 3, 2011


I have sorely neglected my blog this holiday season.  I have missed the therapeutic nature of sitting in front of the computer and spilling forth whatever deeply philosophical thoughts I am contemplating. 

To be honest, there hasn't been a whole lot deeply philosophical going on in my brain the past 14 days!

Maybe it's been the sugar overload.  Maybe it's been the high fat content of my near-daily food intake.  Maybe it's because my kids have been with me 24/7.  Maybe it's because there's been some illness, of which I was not spared.

I am feeling better today.  Two of my three children are back to school. 

And yet.  Christmas remains.  Or should I say, there are remains of Christmas still in my home?

We undressed the Christmas tree on New Year's Day, college football on in the background.  Kevin hauled the poor thing outside leaving a massive trail of pine needles in its wake.  Nothing a little blonde-haired girl I know couldn't clean up with the help of her Dad's ShopVac! 

On Sunday, we went to church and then, because of one thing or another during the entire time the kids were off from school, we were never able to go do something altogether, so I took the kids to a movie in the afternoon.  We saw Yogi Bear and, I must say, Justin Timberlake does Boo Boo's voice, dead on.

So now, I am still looking at the Christmas cookie platters, the nativity scene, the stockings still hanging above the fireplace, the pine scented candle that I just couldn't stomach anymore so I stopped burning it, the Santa magnets on the refrigerator and the snowflake towels in the bathroom.

It is time, my friends.  Time, once more, to pack you away.  Time to say goodbye.  I will see you again.  We have Valentine's Day to think about next, and birthdays to celebrate and 4th of July fireworks to see and Halloween costumes to make.  And then, before you know it, we'll excitedly pull you out of your boxes once more in anticipation of yet another holiday season.

So long 2010 and all of the great times we had. 

Welcome 2011 and to all that lies ahead!

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