Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fire It Up!

We're experiencing a bit of a winter thaw and loving every minute of it.

This has been such a snowy, cold winter here in the Midwest.  Generally, here in central Ohio, we'll get some snow and it will melt within the week and then we'll get another snow and it will melt.  You get the picture of the cycle we are used to experiencing.  This winter?  Not so much.  Since sometime in early-to-mid-December, we've had snow on the ground almost continually.  I haven't really minded it so much.  It sure beats the alternative of looking at all of the winter gray and grunge on the streets left from salting the roads and debris that blows around.

It is mid-February now and let's just face facts...

I.  Have.  Had.  Enough.  Already.
End of story.

On the flip side of all this, I must confess that,  (knock on wood) we have been reasonably healthy this winter.  So one cannot truly complain.

Fast forward to today.  Take a look at what I found on my kitchen window sill right around 5:00 this evening...

So.  Of course.  I had to produce something that looks like this...

What a coincidence that I had already planned to fix this for dinner tonight, but of course, I was originally going to prepare it inside the house.  It was so great to fire up the "barby" and see some of the neighborhood kids playing on their backyard trampoline.  Squeals coming from children playing outside could be heard from a distance.  I don't care that they're calling for snow showers next week.  I'm enjoying today...TODAY!  I hope you enjoyed today also, no matter the weather in your neck of the woods!

Cindy...if you're reading this...the wind died down enough to keep our grill going.  Wondering if you braved it or not?!?!

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