Monday, February 7, 2011

Q is for Quilt

Owen is Quite proud of his  Quality Quilt!

It was "Q" week at pre-K last week for Owen.  Unfortunately, it was also snow and ice week and two of his four days at school were cancelled due to road conditions.  His teachers scurried through the lesson plans during what little time the kiddos were in class, however, they didn't get to share their homemade quilts during circle time.

The assignment was to create any kind of quilt utilizing whatever resources you would like to use.  Owen and I got busy with a large piece of green felt leftover from the frog costume I made for Evan one year for Halloween.  Then we made good on several pieces of both felt and fabric scraps that we save for projects such as these.  A little tacky glue and some scissors and we were on our way to making Owen's very own colorful quilt.  Thankfully, Owen's teachers are allowing students who choose to bring the quilts back in this week to display them during Share Time.

Next time, it's the letter R.  Now where is the Remote?!

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