Friday, February 4, 2011

A Stitch In Time

When you have a snow day, or rather, ice day, and school is cancelled,
You need to get creative in ways to keep your children busy.

Honestly. Just how much television watching and video game playing can you allow your children before the guilt begins to set in?!?!

Owen has practiced writing his numbers as suggested by his pre-K teachers.

Evan has studied for both his Social Studies and Math tests that were supposed to take place sometime this week.

And Jenna has studied for her Science test that was to be given on...oh heck, I forget when that was supposed to be. This whole week is just shot to %@!*$!!

Jenna is finally old enough to join 4-H this year and one of the projects she'll be signing up for will involve sewing a piece of clothing. We've been working on using the sewing machine. And Jenna's made more pillows for her bed than are in The Princess and the Pea!

I've been putting it off but upon Jenna's urging, we sat down together one day this week to work on some basic hand-sewing techniques. After working on threading a needle, a simple running stitch seemed like a good place to start.

She worked on making the stitches a thumb's width apart and trying to keep them in a straight line. Remind me to have Jenna pick out material with a stripe or plaid pattern so we can cheat and follow that line.

Once we came to the end of the thread, we'd pull it out and do it all over again. Jenna was in heaven and must have sat there on the couch for over an hour stitching and sewing and making comments like, "I can't wait to learn how to do the whip stitch!"

If I didn't know any better, I'd think she was talking about the latest dance move!

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