Monday, March 21, 2011

Helping Those In Need

I'm so proud of the families at my church that pulled together recently to help many people in a great time of need.

Perhaps this will come across as "tooting our own horn," as they say, but I am so inspired when I see people pull together and really DO SOMETHING instead of just talk about it.  There are people in need throughout this world.  Far and wide we hear painful stories of genocide in countries that seem to be on another planet.  You think, "How can people behave this way in these civilized times?"  And then you witness the nearby devastation of flood waters in a neighboring county and it hits closer to home. 

These people could be us!

We recently pulled together our personal resources and built "flood kits" to be distributed to households in central Ohio.  Simple cleaning supplies such as a bucket, sponges and cleaning solution can mean the difference in the day of an overwhelmed homeowner.  We took it one step further by decorating the buckets with uplifting messages such as, "Jesus Loves You!" and "We Are Praying For You!" 

Sometimes it's the simplest of deeds and words that do the most good.  If you think a small act of kindness makes little difference in the are wrong.  If we all do something positive for SOMEONE ELSE everyday, imagine the ripple effect that will take place!


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