Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Although yesterday was "Wordless Wednesday," I still feel the need to do a bit of explaining. 

We are in the countdown phase of our fast-approaching trip to Disney World.  Our family has a tradition of using a colorful paper chain anytime we are counting down the days until something big...such as a family vacation.  Owen helped me make the chain one day while Evan and Jenna were at school.  We have been taking turns tearing off the "days" one-by-one.

As our chain grows shorter, our anticipation grows stronger.  It also seems that my list of "Things to Get Done Before We Leave on Vacation" is growing longer as well!  This will be the vacation that requires a post-vacation.  Sadly, there will be none of that and my only consolation is knowing my children will return to school the following week, so perhaps I may find a few moments to recuperate from our five day "Mouse Attack!" 

We kicked off another time of anticipation yesterday with a paper chain as well.  Our family is joining with several others from our church and have created a countdown to Easter!  We aren't counting down until Easter because we can't wait to eat marshmallow Peeps and hunt for eggs, though.  We're doing it as a reminder of  this special time of year for Christians.  My children have a hard time thinking of Easter as a happy time or something to look forward to.  They know that Easter's significance is the result of Jesus' death on the cross and view it as more of a somber time.  As they grow older and more mature, they will come to realize what the celebration is all about.  Each link on our Easter countdown chain is marked with a prayer for someone or something in our lives.  Perhaps we'll be praying for YOU!

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