Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank You Teachers!

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day.  Actually, some sources indicate that they get a whole week!  But today is the official day to recognize our teachers and to show them how much gratitude we have for all of the tireless, countless hours they spend preparing their lesson plans, teaching our children and grading papers, not to mention the money they spend out of their own modest incomes to provide additional classroom supplies that our dwindling school budgets don't allow for.  (Sorry about that run-on sentence; my English teacher would be disappointed!)

All three of my children have had wonderful teachers over the years.  I like to give them something small to let them know we appreciate their efforts.  A thank you gift to a teacher doesn't need to be expensive or elaborate.  Most teachers will tell you that a hand written note from the parents and/or students is one of the best gifts they can receive.

Here's what my kids' teachers are receiving today:

The little buckets, I picked up at Target last week during their post-Easter sale at $1 each.  The violets were selected yesterday.  In. The. Rain.  (Ugh.)

And those cute little customized printables?  I got those from one of my favorite sources for occasions such as these.  Skip To My Lou is a great blog full of fantastic crafty ideas.  I almost hate sharing this site with you.  Now you'll know I'm not the one with all the great ideas!  But you will know that I am a good researcher!


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