Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Empty Nest

Why is it that in the midst of chaos in a house full of children, there are moments when I think to myself, "If I could just get a moment of peace and quiet to myself..." and then when I actually get that moment of peace and quiet, I don't know what to do with myself?

I am certain that during all of those chaotic moments, I could think of at least a dozen (or two!) things to do.  And yet, here I was this morning, with time on my hands and no children around to interrupt me or my thoughts.  Granted, there were three bathrooms waiting for me to clean.  I ignored them.  Why?  I had plenty of uninterrupted time to clean said bathrooms and yet, I did not.  I just wasn't in the mood.  Not that I'm ever truly "in the mood" to clean bathrooms.  Goodness knows, it has been, is, and will always be the most highly detested task on my list of household duties.  The gloomy, rainy weather had me in a foul mood.  Why make it even fouler (more foul?) by scrubbing toilets, spit-splattered mirrors and dried up globs of toothpaste?

I digress.

So.  You might wonder.  Where have my three little birds flown off to?  Why is my nest empty in the summertime when school is out? 

Off to camp! 
All three of them. 
At the same time. 
Who could have ever believed the stars would align such as this?

Jenna left Friday for 4-H Camp.  Evan left Sunday for Church Camp.  And, starting this week, Owen is attending a half-day camp in town with a buddy from pre-K.

I had about two hours of freedom here at home after dropping Owen off this morning and taking care of an appointment.  The Internet was down, so that killed my plans to get caught up on some online activity without interruptions.  The phone rang, and I enjoyed the luxury of no fights breaking out while I talked on the phone.

I have to admit though.  I've missed my two that have been gone over-night.  The nasty weather they've had to endure while they've been gone has made me a bit anxious.  I know they are well taken care of.  But it's just a motherly instinct to worry about your offspring when their care is out of your hands.

I know that this time next week, I'll be hollering at them and bossing them around and wishing I could get a moment's peace.  But for now, this mother bird isn't particularly enjoying her empty nest.  There just isn't enough laundry to keep me busy!

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