Thursday, June 2, 2011

Graduation Day

My youngest, Owen, graduated from Pre-K last week.  I sometimes call him my baby, but not too often, although, that is what he is.  He is my youngest and no matter how old he ever gets to be, he will always be my baby.  One thing we never refer to him as is "the baby of the family."  It's a label that I believe can do some damage to his self-esteem and self-confidence, and trust me, he doesn't need any help when it comes to that. 

Owen already feels like his older brother and sister are the "luckiest in the world" because of all of the "cool things" they get to do that he does not get to do because they are older.

It was a relief on our recent spring break trip to Disney World when Owen was tall enough to ride on any ride he wanted.  Talk about being a big kid!

So he mastered Space Mountain and he's graduated from Pre-K and just the other day, my little guy and I were enjoying a quick trip to the mall to pick up some new pajamas for Evan because, apparently, he is growing too and needed some new sleepwear!  Owen asked if he could run around in the kid's play area for a little bit and, guess what?!  He was too big!  And it wasn't by just a smidge.  It wasn't by just an inch.  It was by at least three inches!   

So, instead, we went to Panera to have lunch where he enjoyed his "Big Boy" lunch, instead of a Happy Meal. 

p.s.  Owen just lost his first tooth this week too!  That's one whole year earlier than his brother and sister lost their first tooth.  He is sooo advanced!

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