Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time Flies

I've spent the better part of this week dodging rain drops, running my 3 kids to various ball games, taking care of a long-overdue oil change+ for the taxi van, shopping for my oldest son's 11th birthday, figuring out what to get (and then getting) Father's Day gifts for my husband and my Dad, signing my 3 kids up for summer reading programs at 2 different libraries, picking up free donuts at Krispy Kreme for A's on grade cards and, last but not least, rounding up gear to send my two oldest kids off to camp this weekend.

By the time this week is done, we will have taken 3 kids to six ballgames and/or practices in the course of five days.  And that doesn't include one game that Jenna is missing because she'll be at camp.  Talk about your double header!

Today I took care of getting Jenna's bag packed since she leaves first.  I had her help me pack her things so she'd know where everything was at in her bag.  Then I went over the when to use what and how to handle the trip to the "facilities."  I'm seriously considering slipping a back-up toothbrush into her toiletry bag.  I cringe when I envision the scenario of her dropping her toothbrush on the floor.  Knowing her, though, she'd go without brushing her teeth before she'd use that thing again.  My son, Evan, on the other hand?  Let's not even go there.

Evan leaves a few days later and this is the first time for each of them to go away to camp for a week.  It was pure luck that their camp stays happened to overlap by a few days.  It's also about the same time that Owen will get to experience his first time at a day camp.  It's only for a few hours in the morning, and really, this is no different than going to preschool.  But still, it will be fun for him to do something with a buddy from his Pre-K class and have some "organized time" making crafts and learning and following in a line and keeping his hands to himself. 

Oh.  Wait a minute.  At least he better keep his hands to himself.  What is it about little boys and their constant need to be moving and touching and making noises?!

I digress.

So.  Here we are.  Two full weeks into our summer break.  I already feel like it's getting away from me.  After the kids are done with their camps, it will be time to start thinking about Owen's birthday and Independence Day.  And you know, after the Fourth of July...they'll be starting the Back-To-School Supplies sales...

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