Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sorry.  I've been on a bit of a hiatus the last couple of weeks. 

I love that word.


I also love the word "ominous;"  as in...

Before the storm, the skies looked ominous.  Sinister is another one I like to use and can oftentimes be used interchangeably with ominous.  Both words are a bit dark and twisty.  What does that say about me?  Hmmm.  Don't answer that question.

When I was in Junior High, I had a friend who had an equal interest in vocabulary.  She went so far as to make a list, though, of words she absolutely hated.

Among the words my friend Kate disliked were:  sweet, muffins and bloated.

I personally like the word muffins.  I also like muffins.  I wonder how Kate ever felt about cupcake?

I digress...

The reason I've been AWOL lately?
  • helping Jenna complete her 4-H projects
  • running Jenna back/forth to county fair judging
  • and then state fair judging
  • our church VBS five nights in a row
  • getting casts removed from 2 of my 3 children's arms
  • purchasing school supplies for 3 children
  • planning an early birthday party
  • scheduling and/or hosting playdates/sleepovers for any number of my 3 children
  • attending to PTO responsibilities at my children's elementary school
  • preparing to launch a Kid's Morning Out preschool-type program at my church (where I will teach one morning a week)
  • preparing to leave for a 4 day trip to Wisconsin to visit my husband's sister and her family
  • trying to enjoy some summer fun with my kids before the grind of homework, and packing lunches and early wake-up calls and soccer and karate and tennis and swimming lessons/practices begins again.
If you have children who are about to start a new school year too, I hope you are able to carve out some time to spend with them as I am hoping to do with mine as well.  Quality time.  Not time spent racing from one errand to the next appointment.  But time to just be together.

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