Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Dreamed That I Was Dreaming

My kids dream a lot.

I know "experts" say that all of us experience brain activity while we sleep, but my kids' brains seem to be in maximum overdrive during the night.  Perhaps they are making up for the times during the day when their brains seem to simply stop working!  Or maybe that selective hearing thing is true.

Either way, it is not uncommon for Jenna to have one of her elaborate, highly detailed dreams to tell me in the morning during breakfast.  It never fails that I will, at some point, have to tell her give me the Cliff's Notes version of the dream or she is going to miss the bus.

Evan's dream storytelling is usually quick and to the point.  God bless that boy.

Owen's usually spill out something like this (note - this is an actual recount of this morning):

Him:   Mommy, I have good news and bad news.  I'll tell you the good news first.
Me:  (smile and nod while I blow dry my hair)
Him:  The good news is that I had two good dreams last night.  The bad news is that I had one bad dream.
Me:   See?!  Good prevails after all!
Him:  (walks away wondering what prevails means)

I don't dream a lot these days.  Not to be confused with day dreaming.  I do a lot of that!

I had one particular dream this past summer though that centered around this sinister looking dude...

I love the word sinister.  I also love the word ominous.  What exactly does that say about me? 
Never mind.  Don't answer that.

So, last spring, we had this bird poop problem at our house. 
It was everywhere! 
On the front sidewalk.
On the back porch. 
It. Was. Gross!

I decide to get myself an owl to scare off the birds.  I know about this little trick from growing up in the country.  Those owl decoys can be credited with a whole host of other benefits as well.  In my case, I just wanted to get rid of the doo-doo birds!

My trusty owl was doing the trick and he earned himself a permanent spot on the porch railing.  One evening, I step outside to water some flowers and I happen to feel as though I'm being watched.  I look over and sure enough, that owl is staring me down like he's not too fond of my being out there.  He's also looking as though he'd like to sink his talons and/or beak into me!

I finish my flower watering and head back inside, only briefly looking over my shoulder as I seek safety in my house.

That very night I had a dream about an owl watching me from a tree that doesn't even exist in our back yard.  Was it a real owl?  Was it my trusty decoy?  Who knows?  But for once, I was glad the alarm clock went off to bring that story to an end!

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