Friday, November 4, 2011

Post Halloween Post - the final episode

This is the last post I will publish regarding Halloween in 2011. 

I promise.

There were just too many great moments and great fun and great food to share.  Although, be forewarned, I see a pumpkin recipe (or two) to come during the month of November. 

Hey!  It's a fall season food, not just Halloween!

Here are my three kiddos and all their Halloween finery.

This year, in sixth grade, Evan and his classmates were directed to choose some friends to team up with to dress in a costume that reflects teamwork.  Some kids came as parts of a s'more, some were members of the rock band KISS and my son and his friends?  Mario and the gang, of course!  It's fitting, really, since these three are typical video-game obsessed adolescents.

I got off easy this year, having only one costume to make.  Evan's required a simple point and click on the Target website.  Jenna's chef's costume was easy with the hat and apron and a few embellishments added for good measure.  Get it?!  Good measure?!  She's a chef.  A chef measures ingredients??

Why are there crickets chirping?

Jenna with her friend, Alivia and younger sister Kailie.
Owen's Angry Bird costume was decided on last summer.  Of course, I waited until October to begin making it because that's how I operate these days.  I never used to be a procrastinator before I became a mother.  I drew inspiration for his costume from this blog, but it really just served as a springboard and I pretty much simplified the whole thing.  Luckily, trick or treat night ended up being a bit chilly, so that bird costumer kept him nice and toasty!

It was a fun night for the Mom friends too!  Hi Marla and Michelle!!
And now we come to the motherload of all motherloads.  The amount of candy that my three children brought into our home the other nigth is beyond ridiculous.  Feast your eyes upon this mountain of high fructose corn syrup nirvana.

As frightening as this is from a mother's point-of-view, there is also the side of me that is secretly excited at the prospect of these being in my house:

A cookie lover at heart, if I have to eat candy, this is what I reach for every time.

I always set the Heath bars aside for my Mom.  One of her few indulgences.

These are the candies that automatically go into the donate bag. 
Yuck!  Yuck! And triple YUCK!
Jenna, with her "Dr. Evil" impersonation.
Put down the peanut butter cups Jenna and no one gets hurt.

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