Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Weirdness - Chapter 3

I'd like to say that this will be the third and final chapter of my family's weirdness.  In reality, though, we're probably only at the beginning of the saga.  I'll spare reporting any further chapters to the general public.  How's that?!

It was bedtime one night.  All three kids had bathed or showered, dried off and dressed in some comfy pj's.  Likewise, they had all prepared and eaten a small bedtime snack as they are prone to do most evenings.  I was trying to finish up a few dinner dishes I'd left to soak in the sink and wanted to get them done. 

I loathe coming downstairs in the morning to find a pot with cold water and questionable "floaties" sitting in the sink waiting for me.  Not the cheeriest way to start the day.

You know the saying about idle hands and them being the devil's workshop?  Well, has anyone ever heard a saying about idle TOES?

When the dishes were finished, I came upstairs to gather up my youngest, pick out a book and get settled down to read a bedtime story and tuck him in.  I found Owen in his sister's room with crayons stuck between his toes.  

For. No. Apparent. Reason.!!!

And.  AND!  This is what his sister's hair looked like!

Yes.  They were definitely calm and sleepy and just about to drift off to sleep at this point. 

Who ARE these people and who are their parents?!

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