Friday, January 20, 2012

What is Weird? Chapter 2

Let me prove to you just how weird my family is. 

What kind of family engages in this sort of activity?

I mentioned before on here about my wicked looking owl that was purchased to scare the pooping birds off my back porch and front walk.  My menacing owl sure did the trick for me last spring and summer.  When I suggested to Kevin that the owl should be put away for the winter with all of our other outdoor things, he told me he wanted to keep it on the back porch to keep mice away from the grill.

Sidebar:   Did I ever tell you about the time when after a winter of not using the grill, my husband offered to fix dinner one night in early March and upon proceeding to fire up the grill, found a family of mice taking refuge in the very vessel we use to cook food THAT. WE. EAT?!?!

So when he suggested leaving the owl out for that purpose, I heartily agreed.  He positioned the owl on the ground next to the grill and has every-so-often, re-positioned the grill.  I suppose he believes we have intelligent mice in these parts and thusly need to be fooled so it looks like our owl is moving around.

I truly am getting to the part of the story that matters most, however, I'm sure you are believing I have already supplied enough evidence to prove our weirdness.

The other day, I'm in the kitchen and walk past our back door.  I happened to glance out the window and did a double-take when I noticed the owl.  You'll remember from my previous owl story that it's eyes haunt me.  It has had the same effect on Jenna and I told Kevin that the owl was starting to creep Jenna out.

Jokingly, I said to him, "You should find a way to rig that owl outside her bedroom window on April Fool's Day."  I really wasn't being serious and I'm ashamed of myself for letting myself go to "that place." 

A short while later, I hear Kevin up in Jenna's room and he has this waiting for her when she gets home from school:

At one point, he closed the blinds and curtains so that when she came home from school she would enter her room and go to open her curtains and then

Hello Loony Bin! 
You are definitely living in the nut house!

What kind of parent does this to their own child?
I know.  I know.  You are thinking that it's all of my fault because I came up with the idea.  And, yes, I take full credit blame for that.  But I would have never acted on it. 

Long live our family weirdness...

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  1. OK......not sure if I would call that weird....but I think you guys need a night out.


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