Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally Friday!

I'm so glad that it's finally Friday. 

Even though my kids are enjoying a day off of school and I happily volunteered to let a friend of mine who had to work this morning drop her two girls off at my house so she wouldn't have to pay for load has been lightened tremendously in the last 24 hours.

I have been juggling so many different projects and fulfilling a myriad of commitments (also known as, compulsive volunteerism), that I've been feeling truly frazzled lately.  Somewhat overwhelmed at times too. 

Sure, the piles of laundry, meals to cook, birthday presents to shop for, summer vacation condo to rent (gotta get to that soon!) and all of those unexpected little "surprises" are still there.  But I am feeling such a calm today.  A calm I have not felt in a very, very long time.

It feels good.  I don't want to be too boastful.  I know it can only last for so long.

A friend of mine recently left for a long weekend get-away to South Carolina.  I told her to tell the palm trees hello for me.  She looked at me oddly and then Carrie summed it up perfectly.  "That's your happy place!"  And she is right.  Palm trees are my happy place.  If only they grew here in Ohio.  But then maybe I would take the palm trees for granted if I had a front yard full of them.

Although, I can't imagine taking this view for granted.  Ever!

This photo is my screensaver on the computer and I have another beach photo that I took myself when I was pregnant with Owen that's the screensaver on my iPod Touch.  There's a reason why I surround myself with these images.  They are my "drug."  The thing that brings me calm.  I think it's good to realize what it is that centers you, to acknowledge when you need to slow things down a bit and then, if at all possible,

Just. Slow. Down.

Go to your happy place sometime this weekend and be at peace!


  1. Know some people that complained about Palm trees, said they were a dirty tree. Of course these people lived in Florida year round and half a year.

  2. See?! They have them all around and so they take it for granted!


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