Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Fire of the Season!

We had our first marshmallow roasting of the season tonight!  Yah!

Note to more marshmallows.

And chocolate bars.

We're good on graham crackers.

Kevin instructed Owen on proper kindling placement in order to encourage the fire rather than snuff it out. 

Really?  Do we seriously want to teach a six year old (particularly this six year old) to build a bigger fire?

Just sayin'.

Searching for more wood, we have a great supply of kindling to be found on our property. 
Note to self:   Ask Dad for more firewood the next time I see him.

Owen mugs with me.  Yes, that's marshmallow on my bottom lip.  I eat s'mores without a care in the world!

Owen goes in for seconds on graham crackers.  Love those grahams!

Miss Jenna, I do believe the orthodontist explicitly said, "No hard, crunchy or sticky, chewy foods."  You've got both there sister.

And for some reason, the never-camera-shy Evan was avoiding the camera tonight.

You can run, but you cannot hide my friend.

The mom-cam always catches her prey.  Just please don't spill your milk on your father's back!

A-ha!  Told ya I'd getcha!

Happy Marshmallow Roasting to One and All This Summer!

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