Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Oscar!

It's hard to believe that our first "baby" is 13 years old.  Crazy as it sounds, just like a human baby, I remember the warm, June day I brought Oscar home from the breeder.

Oscar was trained early on to have a strong disdain for all things Michigan.  That hat he's chewing on in the photo above was given to us as a gag gift one Christmas.  We gave it to Oscar as a chew toy and he took to it quickly.  The hat was ripped to shreds with lots of growling for good measure.  He was meant to be in our Buckeye family!

We've done some crazy things with you over the years Oscar.  Let me apologize for some of the more humiliating moments in your life, like the pink nail polish two summer's ago, and this...

And now, here he is, 91 in dog years, not many teeth left, and spending most of his time on his bed rather than chewing on toys or Michigan hats.  He sees the vet more often than our bank account would like, but he's a part of our family and we love him and will continue to take care of him until his time here is through.

We Love You!

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