Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Legoland Rocks!

Our recent trip was definately what the travel experts would refer to as a "destination vacation." We went to Legoland and it just happened to be in beautiful San Diego, California. Had Legoland been located in Ames, Iowa...we would have gone there for our vacation this year. Fortunately, for us, Southern California offered enough to keep everyone's interests satified or possibly teased. I say that because, although we were surrounded by world reknown golf courses, Kevin did not get to swing a single club on this very busy trip. We did make a quick stop at Torrey Pines where Tiger Woods is known to have played many a round growing up. I regret there was no time for golf on this vacation. Perhaps the next time we go to San Diego - likely 15 years from now after the kids are out of the house! Afterall, who can afford to fly a family of 5 to California very often?! Evan's love for, make that obsession with, Legos prompted me to consider San Diego for our vacation destination. Luckily, it's near the beach, so we lucked out since Jenna and I share an equal love for all things ocean. While we were in SoCal, we enjoyed some time on Coronado Island, a day at Sea World and took in the beauty of Balboa Park. We had a fantastic time and this will definately be one of those trips that we will remember forever!

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