Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lost and Found

Humor me here and let me give you a little bit of background story here. (This is probably one of THE most annoying characteristics I have according to my husband.) In the spring of Evan's 2nd grade (May 2008) year, I bought him a new lightweight jacket. He wore that jacket not more than a month and it was taken by another child on the playground at recess one day. I had his name on the inside, so I felt confident that the boy's parents would see that their son had brought home the wrong jacket and I would soon find it in the school lost and found. Evan and I both checked that rack regularly until the end of the school year. It never showed up. I even went so far as to check for it at the beginning of the following school year. Nothing. I had pretty much written the jacket off and my Mom had gone ahead and purchased him a replacement long ago.

So, now you are caught up. Fast forward to the present, August 2009. I was working on PTO things at school the other night and happened to walk past the prolific mound of "Lost and Found" items still lingering in the hallway, yet to be claimed from the previous school year. I did a double-take as I noticed a jacket that looked very much like the one in question. I looked again, same colors. I checked the brand. Yep, Children's Place. Size? You guessed it. Of course, the sticker with my son's name on it was missing! It looked very worn and a bit dirty. Sure, it's too small for him to wear now and he doesn't even need it, but I brought it home anyway, washed it up and now it is ready for Owen when he's in need of a nice (practically new) jacket! I just hope that whoever took it and obviously wore it, was someone who couldn't afford one for themselves.

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