Friday, August 21, 2009

Now here's a great idea!

After a long and very stressful day with my three children, I head out to the grocery store. Giddy at the thought of having an hour or so to myself, albeit at the grocery store, I have this revelation. Wouldn't it be awesome if Kroger's had a "Moms Night Out"?! No one would be allowed to come to the store with children and here is the best part...(drum roll, please)...they would serve margaritas, beer, wine! Whatever your little heart desires. Can you imagine pushing your grocery cart down the aisle with a Corona in hand or umbrella drink?! Hey, they have Starbucks in the store, why not a little mini bar too?!

Just something to think about. You know. I might give the marketing people at Kroger a little jingle and share my idea with them. They could use the Avery Road location as a test store. I'd tell all my friends and we'd have a grand ol' time!

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