Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photography and Food

I love food, especially baked goods. I also love really pretty pictures of food. Now, I'm no food stylist, but when I arrange food on a plate and it looks half-way decent, I like to take a picture of it. Why...I have no idea. Mom and I were just talking recently about how "back in the day" we used to take pictures of the holiday tables once all the food was on and before we had all sat down to devour everything. Why did we do that? Especially when we had nearly the same thing year in and year out. I suppose it was nostalgic to do that. But just today Mom was describing the cake she had made for Kevin's birthday tomorrow and said how beautiful it is, and without thinking, I said, "We'll have to take a picture of it!" I guess old habits really do die hard. Here is some chocolate ribbon pound cake I made last week. It is divine!

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