Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Preparations part two

The other day I had a thought. Go ahead, chuckle. Anyway, you know how you always remember stuff when you're in the shower, or someplace inconvenient and you can't tend to the thing you remembered and then you forget it? The thought came back to me today and I confirmed my fear. Last January, our computer crashed and I lost pretty much everything that I had on the computer. It occurred to me that I very well may not have my Christmas card list. In years past, I have kept a paper copy of the addresses in one of our Christmas storage boxes. But I had a gut feeling that I might not have that anymore because I remember updating the computer file right after Christmas last year. A lot of good that did me! So this afternoon I remember that "thought" and go directly to the basement and pull out that box and sure enough, the folder I have always kept the list in, is empty except for a few stray leftover Christmas cards. Soooo....if a few of you don't get a card from us this year, it's because we don't have your address. If you send us one first, I promise to get one out to you asap, but it might end up being a New Year's greeting instead of a Christmas Wish!

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