Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tin Grin

Evan got his braces on this week! Orthodontics begin so much earlier these days than back in horse and buggy times when I had braces. This, of course, is "Phase One" of braces. Some of you may know that Evan got a palette expander put in the day before school started (I don't recommend making that scheduling error). After a few months of turning the key nightly to spread his palate apart - sounds like something out of a medieval torture chamber - he was ready to get the braces on this week. Evan says that braces are stupid. And from a 9 year old perspective, I figure that's pretty accurate. I have explained to him that when he is older and going to a job interview or wanting to ask a girl on a date, he will feel so much more confident because he'll have a nice set of teeth! Again, a roll of the eyes. All in all, he has handled it really well so far. Just like he handled the broken arm last spring like a real trooper too.

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