Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday Preparations part one

I dug around in the basement yesterday afternoon and inventoried Christmas lights. I remembered some burning out last year midway through the season and couldn't remember what I needed to get. So now that's on my ever-growing list to get ready for Christmas. The word "list" is actually quite laughable considering there is really more than one list. There's the list of who to shop for and what to buy. There's the what-needs-done list. The cookie baking list. The Christmas card list. Sadly enough, I will probably have a list of lists. We all have our little obsessive qualities about ourselves. Mine is lists. It's how I keep order and convince myself that I also have some control in my life.
Nevertheless, little by little I am getting lots of shopping done online this year. I placed another order last night. It's so much easier than taking Owen shopping with me. Gone are the days when I could buy things with him with me and him not notice. It's not even safe to shop at home either! Yesterday, he walked into the office and saw something on the screen and says, "Are you going to get that for Evan? Evan would like that." I couldn't click that off the screen fast enough. I was holding my breath all night hoping he wouldn't say something about what he saw me looking at on the computer.

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