Friday, December 4, 2009

Super Mom

Just call me Super Mom. Evan went with me to the grocery store after school today. He's dutifully pushing the shopping cart down the aisle while I gather up whatever's on my list, and out of the blue he says, "I could really go for some cake this weekend." Have I told you about this boy and his love for pie and cake?! I get a smug smile on my face and ask, "What was that you said? You say you'd like some cake this weekend? Well, have I got news for you..." He cuts me off, as usual, and asks me if I was planning to make cake. I nonchalantly tell him that no, I had no plans to make a cake. Then I spring it on him, "I already made a cake!" The celebration that took place in the cereal aisle was a bit embarrassing, but I didn't mind. I figure that cake redeemed me well over the top from a bit of a rough week on the home front. How forgiving are children when you serve them cake! And ice cream too, of course!

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