Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Jenna to Mommy

Today's post is a bit self-serving.  I am doing this for several reasons:
  1. I've been busier than usual lately.
  2. I've had a mild case of writer's block
  3. Jenna wrote the below story/letter for me and I just have to share.
  4. I want to document her first writings for when she helps me write my memoirs someday.
Last night, between her bath and being tucked in, Jenna was very deliberately working on something.  Behind a closed bedroom door, she wrote, and when I entered the room to see if she had brushed her teeth yet, she quickly covered her paper.  "Don't look!" she ordered.  She continued her writing, sneaky grin on her face, as I turned to walk out of her room.

This morning she emerged from her bedroom, dressed and ready for school, and with a sheepish grin, handed me a piece of notebook paper.  This is what was written:

A Little Stuff About My Mom
April is my Mom's name.  do you think it is a good name?
I LOVE that name.  Now I know that you are reading this Mommy.  So sit back and relax.  STOP texting and eat your popcorn. (By the way, I rarely text anyone and I'm not big on popcorn, so I don't know where this line came from!)
Mommy, I love to call her that.  I always write it in cursive.  I'll even write it here.  Watch.  April.  (Visualize 2nd grade cursive handwriting here.)
Do you like it?!?!  On my Mom's B-Day she got a iPod Touch from Dad-Owen-Evan- and me, Jenna.  I don't know if she played it yet.  So yeh, she loved it.  My Dad already opened the box and touched it with his hands so my Mom saw fingerprints on it.  She said, "Now it isn't all new and shiny!"  She was joking.  She has lots of jokes.  Like on April Fool's Day she glued some money on to the table so my big brother would get it and he said "What the?"  It was sooo funny.  She is like my little brother, Owen.  He shakes his booty all the time. (Note:  She is saying I am funny like Owen.  Not that I shake my booty like Owen!)
I just love my Mom.  Ok.  Did you like "All" the true things about you? (Here, she gives me the chance to check 'yes' or 'no')
Well, I still owe you a mishos (that's massage)
Bye.  This is done.  Love, Jenna

She puts me up on a pretty high pedastal.  It's scary being all the way up there.  I hope I never fall down.  It could really hurt...us both.

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