Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Home Store and More

Home improvement stores are awesome. These stores offer you the opportunity to completely transform your home, or at least one room in your home, or maybe just a closet. At the very least, you can organize a drawer. Anyone can organize a drawer, right?! I’ve been taking the kids to Lowe’s more frequently lately. I remember when Kevin and I decided to finish our basement; it was back when we found out baby #3 was on the way and we needed a decent place for the kids to go be noisy while Kevin sleeps during the day. For those that aren’t familiar with our family dynamics, my husband works nights. Back to the subject…So, Kevin and I had pretty much avoided going into these stores with the kids because we just didn’t want to deal with the “don’t touch that” and the “don’t climb on that” and the “watch out, it’s going to fall on you” type of dialogue. How can you possibly shop in a store like that with two very young children?! Well, we had tile to pick out and other various supplies for the new basement and I suppose neither one of us trusted the other enough to send them on their own to make the decisions alone. Soooo, we went together. The whole family. Our crew. A team. I remember a few altercations that morning, but nothing so bad that they threw us out of the store.  I've been taking the kids, all three of them, mind you, a lot more lately.  Kevin found out about the Lowe's Build and Grow program that they offer.  So, roughly every 2-3 weeks or so, they have a "build it yourself" project that you can do with your kids.  And get this... 
You can pre-register online, or you can just walk in and sign up there.  Sign the little waiver saying you won't sue them if your kids gets hurt, they hand over the safety goggles, work apron, hammer and the kit and you are on your way to a wonderful bonding experience with your children.  I have taken the kids twice now.  The first time, they made a cool little wooden race car that transforms into a robot.  Thank goodness for Evan's Lego building experience.  I had a little confusion over a step in the instructions, but he set me straight and got me back on track.  Stop laughing.  I was very frustrated and all the hammer pounding made it hard to concentrate.

The above photo conjurs up memories of chemistry lab in high school and college.  How I hated those nasty goggles that made my face all sweaty with the tell-tale lines around my eyes.  Not exactly "cool" during those "image is everything" years.  The second time we went, on my birthday no less, we/they made cool little wooden basketball hoops.  Next time they are making kaleidescopes.  With soccer season upon us, I know our availability to attend these Saturday morning events will soon come to an end, so I want to take advantage of the opportunities I have to take the kids.  Children love to make create; whether it's a card for a friend's birthday, cookies in the kitchen, a Play-doh creation, or real building with a hammer and nails.  Give them the opportunity as often as you can.   

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